#WCSD2017 Recap, Emphasis on Classy

Well, that was fun!  We really had a blast and hope you did too.

It was a whirlwind, but let’s try to break it down, classy, of course:


We had an early start, but man did the weather hold up for us all day. It was a beautiful day in San Diego! The sponsors were on their game early with us, setting up their amazing swag and getting everything set up. We hope that you were able to use the free Internet and did not have difficulty connecting. If you did, we feel ya, and we’ll work on it next year.

Attendees trickled in Saturday morning and found their way to registration on the third floor. All in all, there were little to complain about the venue. It was super classy, modern and since Thomas Jefferson School of Law is a university, it was ADA compliant. We hope you enjoyed the venue!

Opening remarks were in each room and we started off strong with the morning speakers. Learning is indispensable for WordPress, whether you were in the How-To track, the Development track or the Beginners track. Everyone nailed their speeches. We hope you’re still thinking about the amazing things you learned in the morning.

Lunch was served. It was amazing. Enough said. Hope you loved the mint, which helps for digestion and talking to people.

Afternoon speakers knocked it out the park. So good! Such attentive presenters. Love love love for the speakers.

Then came the after party. We hope you joined us in this incredible venue where food was definitely served. Little Italy’s Loading Dock was a great venue and the owner is a gracious, attentive person. He even was able to set up Anchorman in the background, the G version, which means it was on mute.


A later start, which meant you could recover from the previous day. Donuts, provided by Donut Bar, greeted you in the early afternoon.

Stephen Carnam brought us an amazing keynote about WordPress, #community, creativity, and doing unto others as they do unto you. It was beyond classy and, Stephen, we thank you.

Sunday afternoon we had a Development track, a How-to track and a Business track. We hope you learned a ton at these presentations!

It was over before you knew it. Closing remarks and raffles galore!

Overall, the event was most excellent. We are pleased and we hope you are too.

As always, stay classy!

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